Video Survey

It is not uncommon for old wells to show signs of deterioration. As a consequence, the quality and quantity of the yield can be compromised. To identify these issues and assist our customers in their decision making process, BESST’s provides well inspection and well assessment services through video surveys. The two most common video surveys we offer are Well Inspection and Sand Invasion surveys are conducted using a miniaturized 10-inch long 0.75-inch outer diameter waterproof video camera.

Well Inspection Survey

A Well Inspection Survey can be useful to determine the current state of a well construction. Furthermore, it can precisely identify the well’s configuration in case of old wells, for instance in a recently bought property or when considering starting using a long-time inactive well.

Sand Invasion Survey

During a Sand Invasion Survey, the screened intervals of the well are inspected to identify potentially damaged sections. The pump is then turned on with the camera next to the potential entry point to assess if sediment is entering the well. The process is repeated for all the potential entry points.


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