Our Mission Statement

BESST is passionate about our mission to design, develop, build and commercialize forensic, technically minded, subsurface-based product and service technologies for solving groundwater quality and quantity problems. Although, we can solve many shallow subsurface problems for our customers, we also provide deep groundwater exploration and monitoring solutions as well (in excess of 3,000 Ft. BGS).  Although we provide a standard array of products and services, we are keen on developing customized technologies and systems as well because not every problem can be solved using a “cookie-cutter” approach.


Our team of geoscientists and engineers at BESST listen to the unique nature of each problem defined by our clients and then provide scientifically focused solutions.

In pursuing our mission, we offer our pallet of subsurface technologies at highly competitive prices.  We work with hundreds of municipalities and private water companies throughout the US, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Fortune 500 companies, as well as many organizations within the agricultural, mining, geotechnical and environmental sectors.

Advancements in Alternative Groundwater Technologies, Intellectual Property, Big Data, and Green Solutions!

Our company’s vision is technically expansive and focused on advancement of subsurface data acquisition technologies for groundwater applications.

We strive to say “yes” to a wide variety of challenges offered by our customers that drive our core strengths – including research and development followed by practical commercialization.  In our mind the word “challenge” = “opportunity”!

We provide an extensive array of unique products and services:

Advanced Monitoring Systems

Depth Discrete Sampling Probes