BESST Volume Booster

Maximize the volume of each pump stroke! When used in conjunction with BESST’s Panacea Pumps, BESST’s Volume Boosters enable sampling and purging from wells with water columns as small as 4 feet, and can be used at depths up to 2,000 feet below ground surface. The greater pump stroke volumes created by the Volume Booster means that the same Panacea Pump can be used in both the purging and sampling processes, dramatically reducing time spent in pump deployment and retrieval.

Volume Boosters.jpg

Schematic of a Flexible Stainless Steel Volume Booster

The Volume Booster is installed in line with a BESST Panacea Pump and sits directly above the pump, connected with tubing and compression fittings. The Volume Booster acts as a reservoir, storing additional water to pump from the well. Water in the Volume Booster is stored along the gas-in line for the system, maximizing the amount of water that can be sampled without any nitrogen gas coming into contact with the sample. Proper choice of Volume Booster can reduce sampling events to as little as 25% the amount of time they would otherwise require. The Volume Booster is available in a variety of materials and sizes, able to be adapted to any monitoring well. Deep water, small water columns, narrow or even crooked pipe, there is a Volume Booster for every well. BESST’s Volume Booster unlocks the full potential of the Panacea Pump, making purging and sampling fast and efficient.

Typical industry applications include:

  • Environmental
  • Water Resources
  • Geotechnical
  • Mining
  • Energy
  • Nuclear

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