The Goal Of Subsurface Mapping

Subsurface mapping plays a critical role in identifying and understanding the geologic and hydrological controls on the physical and chemical transport of groundwater. BESST can provide a number of different subsurface mapping support services such as cross-section analysis; isopach maps of sedimentary thickness; contour maps of contaminant levels and water levels; and much more.

Commonly, in an attempt to avoid costly treatment options, BESST performs well diagnostics to collect depth-dependent data on flow and chemistry to help inform the water purveyors on potential pathways for well rehabilitation and-or modification. More importantly, BESST’s depth-dependent diagnostic data can be combined with other important well-field information such as geophysical logs, lithological logs, well and pump construction information, and water levels which can assist in bridging the knowledge gap between well dynamics and contamination to aquifer dynamics and contaminant plumes. These subsurface mapping support services enable water purveyors to not only enhance their knowledge of the underlying aquifer(s) system but also, contribute economically valuable information on where to drill new production wells and where to avoid drilling new production wells, what remaining wells to install packers on and where to install them, what wells to repurpose for collection and-or injection, and more.


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