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Since 1999, BESST has passionately pursued our mission to design, develop, build, and deploy forensic, technically minded, subsurface-based technologies for solving groundwater quality and quantity problems in innovative and cost-effective ways. In pursuing our mission, we offer our array of subsurface technologies at highly competitive prices.
We strive to say “yes” to the wide variety of challenges offered by our customers. We have worked with the Department of Energy; the Department of Defense; multiple Fortune 500 companies; hundreds of municipalities and private water companies throughout the US; and many more organizations within the agricultural, mining, geotechnical and environmental sectors.

Advancements in Alternative Groundwater Technologies, Intellectual Property, and Green Solutions Our company’s vision is technically expansive and focused on advancing data acquisition technologies for groundwater applications. In our mind, “challenge” means “opportunity.”

We provide an extensive array of unique products and services


  • Water Well Quality and Production Optimization
  • Well Video Surveys
  • Treatment Alternatives through Well Modification
  • Aquifer Testing
  • Subsurface Mapping Support Services


  • Groundwater Sampling Pumps (Panacea)
  • SimulProbes Soil, Soil-Gas, and Groundwater Samplers
  • Multilevel Monitoring Wells
  • Volume Boosters
  • Sampling Pump Timer Control Units
  • Angled and Horizontal Well Technology


Depth-dependent sampler (HydroBooster)

BESST created the HydroBooster Pump System to achieve depth-dependent sampling of production wells, within which most sampling pumps are too large or too fragile to use. The HydroBooster is a state-of-the-art ensemble of miniaturized low-flow sampling pump, inert nitrogen gas, and flexible tubing that allows depth-dependent sampling. The sampling pump is 0.875 inches in diameter and 8 inches in length and can be used to collect high quality samples from a range of 100 to 3,000 feet below ground surface. The HydroBooster can operate during static non-pumping or steady state pumping conditions, which allows sampling to take place without interrupting water service.

Combining BESST’s HydroBooster Pump System with the Dynamic or Ambient Flow Profile produces a high-data-density vertical flow and chemistry profile of a production well. The diagnostic data is used in well modifications, such as sleeves and packers installations. These well modifications installed at precise depths have reduced the amount of contaminant entering the wells and reduced water treatment costs for the well owner by nearly 80 percent annually.

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About Us
About Us
About Us

Flow Velocity in well-borehole (dye tracer)

Under exclusive license to BESST Inc. from the U.S. Geological Survey, the dye tracer system facilitates measurement of downhole velocities and inflow intervals within a water well using rhodamine dye tracer. BESST and its licensing partners are the only commercial parties authorized to use the USGS technology, which BESST has further developed and refined over the past two decades. Other conventional methods of characterizing wells are expensive, involve disrupting water service and do not accurately represent water quality with flow velocity data during steady state pumping conditions. BESST’s miniaturized technology allows the well to operate normally while the diagnostic analysis is conducted, which provides representative data under actual pumping conditions. The system can also be adapted to assess the natural flow within the aquifer under ambient conditions.


  • To determine pathways of water migration into a well.
  • To determine mass transfer of contaminants throughout the well.
  • To delineate flow contribution zone by zone along the screened section of the well.
  • To delineate zonal percentage contribution along the screened section of the well.
  • To develop a customized sampling plan for water quality analysis.
  • To reduce or eliminate dependence on expensive treatment technologies.
  • To delineate plume migration within an active well field.

You can find more information about the DyeTracer here

About Us
About Us

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