Timer Control

BESST Timer Control Unit

Automate and optimize pump operationTCU Gas schematic

BESST’s Panacea Pumps are powered by cycles of pressurized nitrogen gas or air which lifts sample and purge water to the surface. BESST’s Timer Control Units (TCU) allow for easy control and automation of the discharge and recovery cycles when using BESST Panacea Pumps.

The TCU is housed in a sturdy Pelican case for increased portability and field durability, and features an easy to use interface. A dual cycle timer controls the discharge and recovery cycles times, and a pressure gauge provides a read out of the pressure being used. Timer controls are extremely flexible, allowing different times for discharge and recovery. This versatility enables use in a great variety of wells: low or high water volume, fast or slow recovery rates.

Customizable Features:

  • Available in single and multi-channel models for controlling up to 4 pumps at once! Perfect for nested or close proximity wells. Multi-channel controllers have integrated regulators for individual pressure control.
  • AC or DC power options.
  • DC power models for use up to 1300 ft bgs. AC power models for use up to 3000 ft bgs!
  • Standard timer ranges from 0.05s – 30 hrs. Custom timer options allow up to 300 hr cycle times.
  • Quick connect or compression fittings for gas-in and gas-out lines.