Video Survey

Dynamic Video Survey Without Pump Removal

BESST provides video surveys without requiring pump removal for municipal, industrial, agricultural, groundwater remediation and monitoring wells. BESST uses a 3/4″ (OD) video camera available in color and grayscale. The video survey can be performed under pumping or ambient conditions to inspect the condition of the well while in operation or while offline.

Application details

  • Can be deployed in monitoring wells or water supply wells with boreholes from 1”-25”.
  • Camera can be lowered through an access tube as small as 1” or straight into a borehole through an access port. (Larger cameras cannot gain access without the costly procedure of removing the pump column.)
  • Can be used to find sand producing zones, blocked or damaged screen intervals, damaged well casing, or air entrainment  zones which can affect production capabilities.
  • Can be used to verify or audit well construction and pump installation details.
  • Can be used under pumping conditions.
  • Can be used to determine not only where a damaged section of casing or screen is, but how it acts at different pumping rates.

Printable PDF Downloads

Dynamic Video Sand Invasion Survey report

Static Video Survey Example 1: Moderate-Depth

Static Video Survey Example 2: Shallow Depth