Panacea Groundwater Sampling Pumps

The solution to the toughest groundwater sampling challenges

BESST’s Panacea Pumps are unmatched in reliability and versatility, offering the solution to whatever challenge you might be facing in groundwater sampling.

-Deep water

-Narrow Wells

-Large Purge Volme

-Low submergence

-Crooked wells

-High gas consumption

-Slow Recharge

-Corrosive environment

-Extreme temperatures

The pump is powered by inert gas or air, meaning no more risk of malfunctioning from overheating motors. The two-valve lift system, when used in ratchet mode, does not allow the gas to contact the sample water. This pump also enables a gentle discharge of the sample, eliminating the need for fragile and unreliable bladders. Panacea Pumps are available in a variety of sizes and materials. The miniaturized P125 and P100 are ideal for narrow or obstructed wells where clearance is an issue. The P200 is designed for wells 2” and larger, and takes advantage of the additional space with a 200 mL chamber to boost purge and sample volume. All Panacea Pumps are available in 316 stainless steel, for increased depth capability up to 3000 ft. BGS as well as resistance to corrosive or extreme environments.

Benefits to using the Panacea pump include:

  • Usable to 3000 ft. bgs
  • No motor or bladder
  • Deployed in wells as small as 1”
  • Use 30% less gas than a bladder pump
  • Volume Booster technology for low submergence and deep first water
  • Customizable compression fittings for different tubing (standard 1/4″ connections)
  • Delrin, 316 Stainless Steel or PVC construction
  • Includes hook or port for support cables
  • Customizable filter options: Ceramic, Poly, Stainless
  • Integral with Zone Isolation Sampling Technology (ZIST)


Panacea P100 for 1″ wells


Panacea P125 for 1.25″ Wells






Panacea P200 for 2″ and larger wells