Multilevel Systems

BESST’s Panacea Pumps can be paired with our patented Zone Isolation Sampling Technology (ZIST) to build multilevel systems, capable of sampling from multiple, distinct subsurface zones. Use small diameter pumps such as the Panacea P100 to fit nested wells within one borehole.

Nested schematic

Each nested well is screened in one zone, and that screen is isolated from the other nested wells in the borehole by a Bentonite seal. Within each nested well, the screened section is further isolated from the riser pipe by the ZIST receiver and docking ring on the Panacea Pump. This means, that each pump can only sample groundwater from its designated zone, and only from the screened section of the well, preserving sample integrity and enabling depth dependent samples from multiple locations.

Multilevel ZIST wells can be installed in vertical or angled boreholes. Custom centralizers are available to keep riser pipes parallel and aligned within the borehole. Surface completions are available for many different well configurations, including different diameters, stick up and flush mount wells.