Groundwater pollution is paramount in regards to managing groundwater resources, whether the contaminants are from human generated sources or due to natural occurrences. Water quality and water chemistry is essential data that must be known to effectively manage aquifer assets. In addition rigorous standards for trace levels of contaminants such as chromium, arsenic, nitrates and TPC require precise and accurate sample collection.

The HydroBooster Pump System integrates BESST’s miniaturized low-flow sampling pump, inert nitrogen gas and flexible tubing to take depth specific samples. The sampling pump is 0.875 inches in diameter and less than 8 inches in length. HydroBooster Pump System can operate during static non-pumping or steady state pumping conditions which allows sampling to take place without interrupting water service.

  • To purge and sample in groundwater monitoring wells.
  • To purge and sample in water supply wells.
  • To collect depth specific samples for analytical analysis.
  • To sample depth from 100 feet to a depth of 3000 feet.

There are a variety of benefits to low flow sampling such as; representative sampling of load at specific depths, reduces operator variability for great control, minimal drawdown, reduces mixing inside of the well, less time for purge time results in less time required for sampling, and field parameters can be measured at the same time as samples are collected.

Combining BESST’s HydroBooster Pump System with the Dynamic or Ambient Flow Profile have produced diagnostic data that has shown opportunities for a range of different well modification. Installation of sleeves and packers at precise depth along the wells screen has reduced the amount of contaminants entering the well which in turn has reduced water treatment cost with saving that have been estimated to nearly 80 percent annually.


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USGS -A Small-Diameter Sample Pump for Collection of Depth-Dependent samples from Production Wells Under Pumping Conditions
– HydroBooster provides low-flow purging and sampling service for groundwater monitoring and water supply wells.

Download Standard Operating Procedure Document
– How to operate HydroBooster system at your job site.