Exploratory Borehole Sampling

Deep Borehole Sampling


Sampling groundwater from exploratory boreholes can be a challenge thanks to their depth, remote locations, and purging needs. Drilling fluid used during the drilling of the borehole creates a water column that needs to be purged prior to sampling in order to attain a representative sample. In deep boreholes, this can mean hundreds or thousands of gallons of water that needs to be removed prior to collecting a sample.

BESST’s zone isolation technology minimizes the volume of standing water that must be purged prior to sampling. We offer custom solutions to sample from boreholes as deep as 3000 ft. below ground surface.

Case Study:

In 2016, BESST designed a Pump-to-Packer integrated system to sample from 3″ boreholes in the San Gabriel Mountains in California.  The system utilized both hydraulic and pneumatic packers to isolate 20 ft. zones in vertical and angled boreholes up to 2400 ft. deep, eliminating as many as 800 gallons of wastewater. Once the pump and packer assembly was installed in a borehole, that same pump could be used for both purging and sampling, saving even more time.