Here at BESST, INC. we are very proud of the work that we do as a Certified California Small Business. We work hard and go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients on a daily basis!

Here are some kind words from some of our projects over the past few years from some of our satisfied clients.

In November of 2020, EPCOR contracted BESST to design and implement a sampling procedure that allowed sample isolation from a specific 10‐foot interval of a compliance well. The project was designed and constructed in an expedited time frame for deployment in remote areas where electrical supply might be limited. Because of BESST’s reputation for conceptualizing and implementing unique and innovative projects, Noah’s detailed design and expert hydrological knowledge was a continuous resource during the project and was instrumental in the ultimate success of the mission.

We were contracted by Burns & McDonnell to conduct both dynamic and ambient Tracer Pulse Flowmeter and Depth Dependent Groundwater Sampling of a long-screened monitoring well at a RCRA Remedial Investigation site in Wilmington, CA. The site’s subsurface consisted of complex stratigraphy and contaminant. Through the project, we were able to complete fieldwork in a timely manner and remain within the budgetary limits to make this a successful project.

We worked with our friends over at Clear Creek Associates on a project for Deep Groundwater Profiling and Sampling in Northern Arizona. The water supply included a 3,200 ft deep well that had elevated salinity issues. We were able to work with Clear Creek to identify and quantify the flow contributions down to 2,930 feet and collect depth specific groundwaters samples from those intervals. It was a pleasure to work with Clear Creek Associates and we hope to work with them again on future projects.

After almost 100 years in operation, Amarillo Mutual Water Company found higher than usual levels of Tetrachloroethylene (PCE) had been detected in their well water. Soon after contacting BESST, the beginning stages of the project began. The BESST Team treated each step of the project with precision and urgency. This resulted in producing potable water that tested within the permitted levels by the State of California (Water Boards) within a timely manner.

For a project in 2017 BESST, Inc. provided invaluable design and assistance in deep groundwater sampling, collected using a Panacea P200 stainless steel pump-and-packer system for Kleinfelder. Samples were collected from depths ranging from approximately 390 feet below ground surface to approximately 2400 feet bgs in fractured igneous and metamorphic bedrock. Despite some small issues our Panacea pump was successful in purging enough groundwater to collect samples from four deep coreholes at multiple depths.

BESST, Inc. was fortunate to work on a well profiling program with the Water Replenishment District. We were excited to utilize our innovative technology and cost-effective methods of using a miniature dynamic flow and chemical profiling system to investigate several wells without the need to remove the pumps. We are thankful to work with such amazing clients like these!

We had a busy year in 2020! BESST, Inc. was contracted by Liberty Utilities to profile and modify a well to block out hydrogen sulfide contamination. We designed the well modification system including the double packer assembly with engineered suction as well as the headworks station for controlling inflation pressure to eliminate the contamination. Another successful well modification!