Agricultural Applications

Profiling of Agricultural Wells

Dynamic profiling can be used in agricultural wells to identify high and low flow producing zones as well as low water quality zones. Once our test identifies these low quality zones, the well owner can use packers or other well modification technology to block them off. As a result of isolating these zones, the water quality at the well head is often dramatically improved, reducing or eliminating the need for treatment. Our miniaturized profiling technology has a diameter of less than 1″, and can deployed into many agricultural wells without having to remove the pump. Consequently, our process is much more economical than alternatives such as spinner logs, which require using a test pump. In addition, the well is operated throughout the duration of the test, so disruption to the water supply is minimized.

Benefits of BESST Well Profiling

  • Keep more wells in operation for longer.
  • Locate high and low production zones.
  • Locate high and low concentrations of constituents of concern.
  • Collect high resolution data along the length of the well screen.
  • Miniaturized diagnostic tools allow access into almost any well.

Cost savings from BESST Well Profiling

  • Avoid the use of test pumps by using the primary pump.
  • Modify the well to reduce or even avoid well head treatment costs.
  • Recover stranded assets by bringing idled wells back online.
  • Test requires less time than spinner logs or packer tests.
  • Avoid the need to drill new wells.